NAQs (Never Asked Questions)

1)  What exactly do you mean by foul?

I’m too lazy to type this again.

2) How can food you like be foul?

It’s simple.  Think of the kids in your class (or the ones that live in your home) who eat boogers.  They must taste good to them, but does that mean that the whole concept isn’t foul.  (Sits back while reader ponders deep thought.)

3)  How do you decide which food is foul?

The voices in my head, my Magic 8-Ball, and the direction my uvula points while I am eating.

4)  Excuse me, but I like the food you proclaimed to be foul!

Humor…funny…chuckle, chuckle.

5)  What’s your problem?

My parents and my husband have been trying to figure that out for years.


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