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About This Blog

My banter with my co-conspirator in The White Room (3inthewhiteroom.wordpress.com), Jon, about the new DiGiorno Pizza and Cookie combo gave me the inspiration for this blog. Living in the US, we encounter foul food all the time, and I think it would be nice if someone, namely me, would collect and share information about these products and provide the commentary that will make you wonder why I would spend my free time doing something like this.

Now, what do I mean by foul? Foul is more about the content, preparation, and combinations of the food in question. Foul can either be delicious or awful. Foul can be healthful or devoid of nutrition. There is just has to be something strange and humorous about even part of the whole to make me designate the food to be foul.

Now, who am I to be the judge? Well, it’s my blog, so neener, neener, neener. Comments are open, so feel free to disagree, but remember, this is about humor! Ha, ha..that kind of thing. Take from this blog whatever you want, even if you want to print an entry out and wipe your ass with it.

And if you have ideas yourself of what can be foul, please let me know.  You can write me at foulfood@gmail.com.  Send pictures too!  I love ruining people’s meals.