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4. Ramen

I am not talking about just plain ramen.  Nothing foul about a simple noodle.  No, I want to discuss what most American college students know…all it takes is a quarter and some boiling water, and you have dinner.

This is my favorite poison to pick in this category.

Hey, and it has 0% trans fat!

Nevertheless, it’s true foulness comes in the packet.

Ooh, shiny object!  It’s so festive like Christmas.  (Squeeeeee!)  Let’s open it and see what Santa brought us!


Well, I don’t know whether to snort this or lick it.  Although, cocaine may be a safer option.

What more can I say that the pictures have already done for me?  Well, I just want to point out something regarding the serving sizes.

Has anyone ever eaten 1/2 a packet of ramen?  Is there someone out there who has said, “Oh no, this stuff is too rich.  I can’t finish it.  Here, let’s share.”? Personally, I cherish every one of the 1240 mg of sodium of this allegedly creamy substance, and I’ll be damned if I let anyone else have any.

So there.